Insurance plans starting at
incredibly low premiums


Insurance plans starting at incredibly low premiums

Why we should help our domestic workers buy insurance.

Date: 01-07-2021

We anticipate that a fairly common (and valid) question is:

Why should we help our domestic workers get insurance? Isn’t it enough that we provide a fair livelihood and good living conditions?

Our answer: Is it enough for us?

While we cannot imagine life without the basic protection of health insurance, it is still out of reach for many, and not just due to financial barriers. Understanding the concept, filling out forms, presenting the paperwork, being comfortable with the rules, knowing that the claim payments will come through – those are challenges even for those of us with a full education who were handheld through the process of buying insurance. For migrant labourers, it is an insurmountable barrier.

If, for peanuts, we can look after the families that look after us, we give them a gift not only of financial risk management, but also a doorway to the instruments that we take for granted to protect and grow our wealth.

Our employers in the formal sector provide us with insurance and other add-ons to our salary. It isn’t charity. It is a way to ensure well-being of employees so that they can continue to lead and add value to the company. Additionally, it is a way to attract and retain the best talent. Similarly, by providing insurance for household help, we simply ensure their well-being and retain their services and talents, which then translates into our well-being at many levels.

Our household help’s welfare is intertwined with our families at a level that is far deeper and more intimate than what any other employees do at their place of work. Our helpers cook for us, look after our babies, take care of our homes, drive our cars, provide security to our homes. Our family’s health and mental well-being is highly dependent on their job satisfaction.

Let us give our helpers the dignity to lift their families to prosperity and security.

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