Insurance plans starting at
incredibly low premiums


Insurance plans starting at incredibly low premiums

Insurance from a Domestic Workers POV

Date: 01-07-2021

We talked to a few workers in homes with insurance cover to figure out what insurance meant for them and how their friends and family think about illness and medical care. The answers were revealing.

(All names have been changed, answers have been translated and compiled for purposes of illustration)

Q: What does insurance mean to you?

A: It is something for our benefit. If we need care, from illness, then it won’t require too much money.

Q: What typically happens when someone suffers a severe illness?

A: In the village, people are using the various government schemes to get care. Friends who have come to the city to work usually don’t have access to these schemes. They ask around, gather money from each family to help pay for any expensive medical treatment. Friends will give Rs 50, Rs 100, small amounts to help out. Other times, people may have to go to moneylenders who will give sums of money with high interest rates.

Q: Do you think it would be helpful to your friends who are working in homes if their employers will arrange for their insurance?

A: Most of our friends don’t know about insurance. Someone has to get it for them and explain the benefits that come with health insurance.

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