Insurance plans starting at
incredibly low premiums


Insurance plans starting at incredibly low premiums

Does your household worker NOT have insurance

Date: 01-07-2021

What happens when a person does not have health insurance? Why is this relevant to you?

If your household workers don’t have health insurance, there’s loads of outcomes that are less than optimal. As important members of your circle of support that keeps your household running, you want the best health and wellness for your domestic help, for their sake and yours.

We have made a list, from latest research, of the outcomes to expect when a person doesn’t have health insurance. Of course, there’s considerable anxiety – an illness can set a family’s financial goals to ruins – and there’s the actual risk of losing a loved one (or your life savings) because the care proved to be far more expensive than any savings they may have set aside for a rainy day. These are the obvious reasons why anyone would get health insurance.

However, there are some less obvious outcomes, that are not less harmful, to your domestic helpers and indirectly, yourself.

Less access to RECOMMENDED care: If afraid of high financial strain, anyone would prefer to avoid the more expensive options. Sometimes however, those may be the best, or the only ones that would work. Going to less qualified professionals, in a setting that is not approved by the medical profession, is not something your helpers should have to do. They certainly should not have to choose a substandard setting just because of finances.

Poorer quality of care: Going to a certified facility and professional is wonderful, but would they receive the best quality of care, no matter what their economic status? Having health insurance is important, because they can demand the best care on offer, and won’t have to worry about expenses.

Worse health outcomes: A study in the US Institute of Medicine found that people without health insurance had poorer health status and an increased risk of premature death. If you are unsure where you will find the money to pay for needed care, you would postpone it or choose poorer quality of treatment, as detailed above.

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